Polar Bears and Climate Change

Beautiful yet fierce, polar bears are a unique mammal that we are lucky to share this earth with. They have one of a kind characteristics, such as translucent fur and black skin, that allow them to live in their extremely cold habitat of the Arctic. Unfortunately, climate change is causing the sea ice that polar bears live on to shrink, threatening these exceptional creatures.

Threats to Polar Bears

The number one threat to Polar Bear survival is habitat loss. As the sea ice rapidly disappears, scientists are working to understand the causes and find solutions to the climate change causing it. It is currently estimated that roughly 26,000 polar bears remain on the planet.  Sadly, studies have shown that over the next few generations the species’ population will rapidly decline if action is not taken.

There are many factors contributing to the reduction of these majestic beasts. Aside from the loss of habitat due to climate change; pollution, shipping, mining, and tourism also pose major threats to the polar bear.

Our mission is to give what we can to help the continuation of the polar bear population. To do that, we have decided to donate portions of our proceeds to Polar Bears International (PBI). Their dedication to conservation and education is inspiring, and it is an honor to contribute to their efforts.

Why Polar Bears International?

As the only organization dedicated solely to wild polar bears, they seemed to be the perfect fit.  Founded in 1992, their main goal has always been to help polar bears thrive in their own habitat.  To do this, they focus their efforts not only on saving polar bears, but the sea ice that makes up their habitat as well.

PBI is made up of conservationists, scientists, and volunteers. Together they conduct research studies and use their findings to educate and inspire hope in others. Including topics such as behavior, habitat, and climate change, this organization attempts to encompass all important information concerning polar bears and the sea ice. One of our biggest draws to PBI is its focus on educating the public on their findings and how we can use them to promote the succession of polar bears. We share their belief that education of conservation is one of the most important factors contributing to positive change.

How Can You Help?

Please help us in the fight to save polar bears and the sea ice by donating directly to Polar Bears International here or by purchasing an item from our Polar Bear Collection. We will be donating $6 from every tee and $10 from every hoodie sold to PBI to help support their inspiring conservation work!

Learn more about polar bears, the sea ice, and what you can do to help on the Polar Bears International website. Only if we work together to fight climate change, can we save the polar bears and many other species living in the Arctic!

-Wild(him) & Wild(her)