What We Do

Our Clothing

Since we enjoy our craft days so much, we will personally be designing all of the prints for our clothing. Each design is created based on where the donations are being made for that collection, so there are new ones often! We have our designs locally printed by Garage Shirts Ink on the most comfortable clothing we can find that works for all of life's adventures. We love lounging at home just as much as we love traveling, so trust us when we say we found the perfect option for all occasions.

Our Donations

Home of the Wild was created because we want to help the world. We do that by donating at least 20% of our profits to a featured organization. The featured organization will change every few months or so and as we do that, our designs will change too! If you think there is an organization that we should feature feel free to contact us at her@homeofthewild.co! As we grow, we want to increase this donation percentage in order to make the biggest impact we can.
If you want to learn more about the organization that we have chosen, or about the animals we are trying to save, go here! We cover the basics, but if anything we mention strikes your fancy please, please read/listen/talk more about it!